Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Random 10 (caught up!)

Let's see what the little green Nano produced while we were blogging the last two weeks' worth.


Beach House - Myth
Fleetwood Mac - Don't Stop (Live '77)
The Bangles - Be With You
Menahan Street Band - The Contender
Arcade Fire - No Cars Go
Johnny Cash - Rock Island Line
Los Lobos - I Can't Understand
The Beatles - Glass Onion
Ian Hunter and the Rant Band - Comfortable (Flyin' Scotsman)
Van Morrison - Full Force Gale

Bonus 11:  Beki Hemingway - Make You Proud

The live Mac tune is from the 3-disc Rumours reissue that's well worth your dough even though everyone already bought it in the 70's. Picked up the Menahan album for a buck at Half-Price last week and it's nice stuff. And boy, oh boy, we hope we can still rock like Ian Hunter when we're in our seventies.

We now return you to This Week's Discussion Question ("Couldn't they resolve another schism by naming Rowan Williams pope?"), already in progress.

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