Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday Random 10

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! We at TWDQ hope you're taking time out to honor the memory of those who've served this nation and all those who have gone before.

Here's this week's shuffle:

Wilco - Say You Miss Me
Ike Reilly - God Damn Shame
Fountains of Wayne - Peace and Love
Over the Rhine - Suitcase
The Muppets - Wipe Out
Joe Henry - Tiny Voices
Rhett Miller - Refusing Temptation
The Hold Steady - The Smidge
Fountains of Wayne - Hung Up on You
Patty Griffin - Mary

Way poppier this week. Looks like the little green Nano is back from its Tom Waits obsession.

Still looking for time to post a question or two. In the meantime, the right-wing hissy fit about the President's Memorial Day plans not including Arlington National Cemetery (which the president--even the Republican ones--hasn't always done every Memorial Day, but facts always seem to get in the way of a good hissy fit, don't they?) does make us wonder if we were this damned whiny during the eight years of Junior's administration. It's a shame nobody could be bothered to get worked up over torture or a war sold with lies.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The iPod Has Been Drinking (or Sunday Random Tens)

Sorry we missed you last week, kids. Been busy 'round TWDQ HQ. Here's a couple of weeks worth of Sunday Random 10s for you.


The Pogues - The Broad Majestic Shannon
Mary Lou Lord - Speeding Motorcycle
Sam & Dave - Hold On, I'm Comin'
The Replacements - Valentine
The Replacements - Nightclub Jitters
Norah Jones - Young Blood
Gear Daddies - Time Heals
Dave Brubeck Quartet - The Way You Look Tonight (Live)
Beki Hemingway & Jonathan Rundman - No Regrets
The Coasters - I Must Be Dreamin'

Mary Chapin Carpenter - Mrs. Hemingway
Over the Rhine - Ohio
Tom Waits - Metropolitan Glide (Live)
Tom Waits - Trampled Rose (Live)
Over the Rhine - Born
Beki Hemingway - Over With
Preservation Hall Jazz Band (feat. Tom Waits) - Corinne Died on the Battlefield
Vince Guaraldi - Mr. Lucky
Tom Waits - Shiver Me Timbers
Over the Rhine - All I Want Is Everything

This week's list is really interesting. Once that first song kicked in, I was wondering if one of Ms. Hemingway's cuts would pop up. Sure enough! Then the little green Nano definitely had it in a big way for Mr. Waits and we swear it KNOWS we contributed to the Let's Make a Record project so Over the Rhine could spend this past week in Los Angeles recording their new album with Joe Henry. (Mr. Henry's luminous "Love Is Enough" from the excellent Civilians made an appearance a few songs after the initial ten wrapped up.)

Gonna be a busy week, but stay tuned, we might have an actual question here soon.

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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sunday Random 10

Hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day! Gorgeous day here.


Crowded House - Not the Girl You Think You Are
Old 97's - Can't Get a Line (Live)
The Beatles - One After 909
The Ike Reilly Assassination - I Will Let You Down
Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Revue - A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Live)
Crowded House - Everything Is Good for You
Joe Henry - Want Too Much
Jason Falkner - Take Good Care of Me
Neil Young - A Man Needs a Maid
Preservation Hall Jazz Band (feat. Pete Seeger & Tao Rodriguez-Seeger) - Blue Skies

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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sunday Random 10

Hey, it's Sunday again! And no Discussion Question again! It's a good thing we got us an iPod, eh?

Here's what it shuffled up today. Let's...Hit...Shuffle!!!

Jonathan Rundman - Kuortane
Patty Griffin (feat. Buddy Miller) - Never Grow Old
The Pogues - Sit Down By the Fire
The Heardsmen - She Knows It
The Beatles - Get Back
The B-52's - Mesopotamia
World Party - When the Rainbow Comes
Tom Waits - Get Behind the Mule (Live)
Bruce Springsteen - Backstreets
Joe Henry - Widows of the Revolution

Wow. That's about as solid a list as it's ever produced. We're going to see Mr. Rundman Wednesday night and Ms. Griffin (w/Mr. Miller opening) in June. We just saw the amazing Mr. Henry in March. The Pogues and Springsteen tunes are from our stack of desert island discs. The Heardsmen tune is from one of our favorite film soundtracks. The kid played in a B-52's cover band while in college. We wore out World Party's Goodbye Jumbo and Waits' "Mule Variations back in the day. And, of course, it all comes back to The Beatles. (BTW, "Help" was the 11th tune up.)

We now return you to This Week's Discussion Question already in progress for several weeks now. We know, we know.