Thursday, February 16, 2006

Boom Boom

Here at TWDQ, we aren't terribly concerned about why it took so long for the news of the Vice President's Elmer Fudd impression to be brought to the public's attention, why the President or Scott McClellan wasn't informed earlier, or why Chris Matthews keeps asking "What if it were the other way around and the Vice President had been shot?" like it isn't a completely stupid question.

We believe the focus ought to be on this one, so we've made it This Week's Discussion Question:
Why wasn't the sheriff's deputy allowed to speak to the Vice President on Saturday night?
Please keep the discussion civil and do not wander off into "Oh, I can think of point-one-eight reasons..." or "One beer? Like when I tell my buddies 'I can only stay for one beer'?"


Saturday, February 04, 2006

See You in Septem...uhhh, January

The CIA Leak trial date for Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief-of-staff Scooter Libby has been bumped from September to January 2007--conveniently after the mid-term elections--because one of Libby's attorneys has a scheduling conflict.

Here's This Week's Discussion Question:
What case is Libby's mouthpiece working on that could possibly be important than this?
Please keep the discussion civil and do not wander off into "Damn, there's gotta be some serious dough in bein' a Busy Lawyer!" or "What's wrong with 'Tough rockos. See you in September, Scooter.'?".


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Baby, Baby

Been pretty busy around TWDQ HQ the last week or two, so we're going to direct you to the bloggy goodness that is Fafblog for This Week's Discussion Question:

Can the President eat a baby?

Please keep the discussion civil and do not wander off into "Terrorist Bees?" or "Shouldn't the Department of Baby-Eating be under DHS instead of cabinet-level?"