Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Random 10 (x 2)

Been crazy around TWDQ HQ, between the final throes of a remodeling project and the kid getting ready to go to Russia.

Here's what the little green Nano offered up the last couple of Sundays. Let's...Hit...Shuffle!

The Beach Boys - I'm Waiting for the Day
The Wild Tchoupitoulas - Big Chief Got a Golden Crown
Nick Lowe - All Men are Liars
Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - She May Call You Up Tonight
The Beatles - And Your Bird Can Sing
Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - And Your Bird Can Sing
Patty Griffin - Icicles
Neil Young - Like a Hurricane
Adam Again - River on Fire
The Avett Brothers - Shame

Brendan Benson - Feel A Whole Lot Better
Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - She May Call You Up Tonight
The Hold Steady - Stuck Between Stations
Kirsty MacColl - Innocence
Derek & The Dominos - I Looked Away
Wilco - Dreamer In My Dreams
Radiohead - Anyone Can Play Guitar
Adam Again - Hopeless, Etc.
Tom Waits - On the Nickel
The Baseball Project - The Magic Mitt of Jason Byles

Bonus 11th track: U2 - Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of

Last week's ten was pretty remarkable for the back-to-back "And Your Bird Can Sing" renditions. Also, if you've never heard Adam Again's haunting "River on Fire", go check out the clip. We really miss Gene Eugene. Same goes for Patty Griffin's "Icicles".

This week's list is really interesting because each of the first two tunes was a lead-off track on one of our annual Faves compilations, immediately followed by another Faves track. Also, Derek & The Dominos remains Mr. Clapton's career high point.

We now return you to This Week's Discussion Question ("Do you suppose Paul Krugman spent this morning's This Week roundtable listening to Grover Norquist, yearning for such a sock?"), already in progress.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Random 10

It's hot and muggy outside, so let's see what the little green Nano offered up to cool us down.


Mavis Staples - Downward Road
The Decemberists - January Hymn
Robert Plant - Angel Dance
The Replacements - Bastards of Young
The Decemberists - Rox in the Box
Joe Henry - A Friend to You
AfroCubism - Djelimady Rumba
The Suburbs - Drinking with an Angel
Lyle Lovett - An Acceptable Level of Ecstasy
Buddy Miller - That's How I Got to Memphis

Couple of tunes from the excellent new Decemberists album, couple from great Twin Cities bands (not counting The Jayhawks backing Mr. Henry), and a couple featuring Buddy Miller (he's the guitarist in Mr. Plant's Band of Joy).

We now return you to This Week's Discussion Question ("What liberal media?"), already in progress.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Random 10 (a bunch of them)

Yeah, sure we'll be back later in the day with a fresh ten, you bet.

Here's that Sunday's ten, plus the holiday weekend edition and...wait for's random ten!


Eddie Vedder - Without You
The Avett Brothers - I Killed Sally's Lover (Live)
The Hold Steady - Your Little Hoodrat Friend
The Beatles - When I Get Home
Steve Dawson - Temporary
Sam Dees - The World Don't Owe You Nothing
Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - Willin'
The Beatles - Lady Madonna
Eddie Vedder - Can't Keep
Johnny Cash - Come In Stranger

The Baseball Project - The Ballad of Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson
Fountains of Wayne - All Kinds of Time
Nick Lowe - True Love Travels on a Gravel Road
Fountains of Wayne - Leave the Biker
Earth, Wind & Fire - Sing a Song
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - The Game Gets Old
Ry Cooder - Fool for a Cigarette/Feelin' Good
Sam Cooke - Only Sixteen
Wilco - Everlasting Everything
Kirsty MacColl - You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby

Marshall Crenshaw - What Do You Dream Of?
Solomon Burke - Cry to Me
Jonathan Rundman - What Wondrous Love is This
Erik Brandt - Ain't Broke
The Beatles - If I Needed Someone
Robert Brown and The Sons of The South - Nobody Knows
Beki Hemingway - Fort Bragg
Jonathan Rundman - Church Directory
Lucinda Williams - Kiss Like Your Kiss (The Kitchen Tapes)
Beki Hemingway - Saturday

And today's bonus 11th, since you've all been so patient:
Ivy - Digging Your Scene

So three weeks ago, the Nano had a thing for the sweet new Eddie Vedder "Ukulele Songs" record and the Fab Four. Last week it was Fountains of Wayne (new album available for pre-order now!) and this week it was into Ms. Hemingway and Mr. Rundman in a big way. We also think it's reminding us about the new album Mr. Brandt will be recording this coming week.

We'll try to be more prompt next week.

We now return you to This Week's Discussion Question ("How do you reach a compromise with people who doesn't understand the meaning of the word?"), already in progress.