Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Random 10

Hey! We're posting on time! (Don't get used to it...)


Professor Longhair - Looka, No Hair
Crowded House - Everything is Good for You
Talking Heads - I Wish You Wouldn't Say That
Van Morrison - Sweet Thing
Phoenix - Armistice
Elliott Smith - Last Call
Joe Henry - Richard Pryor Addresses a Tearful Nation
The Smiths - Nowhere Fast
The Lamont Cranston Band - Keep on Drivin'
The Jayhawks - The Liquor Store Came First

Only a Smiths tune from our more recent acquisitions, but some old favorites popped up this week, like one from Crowded House's Recurring Dream best-of (our musical comfort food), one from Joe Henry's terrific Scar (the soundtrack to the painting of the living room at the old TWDQ HQ), and a couple songs from a couple of great local bands to wrap up.

Feel free to post your own random tens in the comments.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Random 10

Time to find out what the little green Nano offers up this week.


Johnny Rivers - Mountain of Love
John Legend & The Roots - Shine
Son Volt - Route
Wild Tchoupitoulas - Here Dey Come
Bill Evans Trio -My Foolish Heart
Neville Brothers - Performance
The Beatles - Pepperland
Old 97s - Mama Tried (live)
Steve Dawson - Worry Worry Worry
Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - Maggie May

Let's see. There's our all-time favorite Johnny Rivers song; a track from the fine new Legend/Roots collaboration; a couple doses of New Orleans; more evidence that the Nano loves the $1 copy of Evans's Waltz for Debby; a mental note that the next time we need room for more tunes, the orchestral tracks from "Yellow Submarine can go; and Mr. Sweet & Ms. Hoffs reminding us that Rod Stewart, who's about to release volume five of his Great American Sedative Songbook albums on Tuesday, was a critically and commercially acclaimed artist making records that were anything but phoned-in.

Shuffle up your own device and share your random ten in the comments.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Random 10 for 10/10/10 (and belated random 10)

Here's what the little green Nano shuffled up on these last couple of unseasonably fabulous autumn Sundays. Let's...Hit...Shuffle!

Fountains of Wayne - The Girl I Can't Forget
Phoenix - Lisztomania
Jonathan Rundman - Grace is Crying Her Eyes Out
The Replacements - We're Coming Out
Jonathan Rundman - The Prophetstown Tornado
U2 - Zoo Station
Bill Mallonee - Wintergreen
Dan Zanes & Friends - Thumbelina
Frontier Ruckus - Nerves of the Nightmind
Preservation Hall Jazz Band (feat. Cory Chisel) - Some Cold Rainy Day

Bill Evans Trio - Milestones
Thee Midniters - Whittier Blvd.
Fountains of Wayne - Stacy's Mom
Peter Case - Put Down the Gun
Aaron Neville - Waiting at the Station
Laura Nyro - Be Aware
Jackson Browne - Fountain of Sorrow
Muddy Waters - Walkin' Thru the Park
Dave Rawlings Machine - It's Too Easy
The Bangles - Bell Jar

Didn't think quickly enough to load a 10cc album on there. Oh well.

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